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Certificate Course In Ayurveda Therapy (CCAT)

Certificate Course in Ayurveda Therapy

One of the oldest holistic healing philosophies with roots in India; is AYURVEDA. The phrase translates as “Science Of Life,” with “Ayur” standing for “life” and “Veda” for “science.” It’s a complicated and incredibly intriguing system that links each person’s constitution, the distinctive energy combinations that flow through their bodies, with diet and lifestyle choices that might shield them against illnesses.


People all around the world are learning about the knowledge and useful healing techniques of Ayurveda, which has grown to be a recognized subject of study. Professionals who have received training in Ayurveda are now employed in a variety of fields related to healthcare, such as ND, RN, MD, NP, LAc, LMT, PT, DC, PTA, RDN, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, counseling, wellness spas, skin care, fitness coaches, yoga teachers, school teachers, holistic health coaches, wellness coaches, life coaches, professional chefs & caterers, and herbalists.

Certificate Course In Ayurveda Therapy​

Why Choose Ayush for Ayurveda Therapy Course?

Our skilled teachers instruct both our theoretical classes and our practical training. Our Certificate in Ayurvedic therapy includes thorough study materials, and we keep class sizes average so that each student gets individualized attention.

Our Ayurveda Therapy course in Udaipur follows the gurukula tradition, which stands for “Learning With The Master,” and incorporates student-directed learning, and there are books on Ayurveda, yoga, alternative medicine, mainstream medicine, and philosophy in Ayush’s well-stocked library.

What does a practitioner of Ayurveda do?

Ayurveda is a vast natural medicine that employs a variety of methods to purify the body and bring about equilibrium. Dietary modifications, herbal remedies, panchakarma, massages, meditation, and yoga are a few of them.

Typical duties of an Ayurvedic physician include the following:

  • Completing patient visits and thoroughly comprehending their medical background
  • Constructing a custom diet based on the dosha that most closely resembles your personality and traits
  • Supplying natural remedies
  • Giving massages with essential oils
  • Completing yoga and meditation sessions
  • Maintaining private patient records
  • Maintaining a professional development plan and updating your abilities
  • Promoting your practice and running a small company

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    Career Prospects & Future

    The practice of Ayurveda has enormous promise both here and in many Western countries. The demand for experts in this industry is growing along with the following. resulting in an abundance of employment possibilities at all levels. Additionally, Ayurveda is a vocation that pays well and people are also opting for Panchakarma certificate courses. In the government sector, an entry-level position in this industry typically pays between INR 3 and 3.6 lacs annually. However, it can go to INR 4.8 Lacs per year with benefits with experience and skill. Even higher salary is offered in the private sector.

    A lot of versatility is also provided by the field. You have the option of working full-time or as a consultant. You can work at hospitals, healthcare facilities, research institutes, colleges, and other places. ayurvedic therapy Certificate Course in panchakarma are promising careers and offer plenty of opportunities for professional advancement.