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Best Yoga Certificate Course In Udaipur

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Yoga Certificate Course in Udaipur

Are you thinking of becoming a certified yoga instructor and launching your yoga studio in India? To assist you in achieving this objective, the Ayush Group of Education provides the best yoga training course in Udaipur. Detailed information about the program’s curriculum, prerequisites, and application procedure may be found there.

About the Training

Every aspect of our Yoga Teachers Training program guarantees a thorough learning experience. You’ll discover the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology before delving into the philosophy and tenets of yoga and understanding how yoga and food are intertwined. You’ll also acquire the abilities required to teach others and run yoga classes. The study plan consists of a 30% theoretical component, a 50% practical training component, and a 20% learner portfolio. Ayush Group of Education provides the best yoga training course in Udaipur.

Classes will be held in a reputable professional institute and study center, where you’ll receive hands-on training that goes beyond self-instructional study materials to improve your knowledge. After completing the programs successfully, you’ll have the choice of opening your yoga studio or finding work in gyms, yoga centers, and other similar organizations.


yoga certificate course in Udaipur - Ayush group of education

Course Curriculum

Two professional training papers and three theoretical papers make up the curriculum. The following are the learning modules for the best yoga certificate course in Udaipur.

  • Lesson 1: Yogic Texts and Yoga

  • Lesson 2: Ashtanga Yoga

  • Lesson 3: Yogic Culture & Values Educational
  • Lesson 4: Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Lesson 5: Yogic Diet

  • Lesson 6: Shatkarma
  • Lesson 7: Subtle exercises

  • Lesson 8: Yoga Asanas

  • Lesson 9: Pranayama & Meditation

  • Lesson 10: Yoga for all
  • Module 4 (Yogic Practice and Training): Yoga Asanas, subtle movements, Pranyams, Suryanamaskar, mantra chanting, etc. are all included.

  • Module 5 Yoga Teaching Skill (Micro/Macro-Teaching Practical/Training Paper): Yoga Teaching Demonstration, floor appearance, handling injuries and safety measures, and other topics are covered.

Eligibility for the Yoga Course

Educational qualification: One should have earned an equivalent degree from any reputable university or board of school education after passing the Class 12 exam, which is the minimum educational requirement.

Age Criteria: One must be at least 18 years old


You must apply for the exam in the format specified to take it. The conceptual and practical parts will each be evaluated separately. The certificate is provided by the Ayush Group of Education once you have completed the Yoga certificate course in Udaipur. To qualify for certification, you must receive a minimum of 50% on each component individually.

Admission Inquiry

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    Embrace Happiness! Radiate Positivity!

    Welcome to our prestigious yoga school, where we provide top-notch Yoga practice and training course in Udaipur. As a certified yoga school, we are adamant that consistent yoga practice has a positive influence on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our goal is to open access to yoga for everyone from all walks of life and across all geographical boundaries.

    Start Your Journey With Ayush Group of Education

    With our best yoga training course in Udaipur, you may receive comprehensive yoga training. Our seminars and courses concentrate on numerous facets of health and happiness to improve your entire well-being. We provide thorough instruction that addresses physical alignment in postures, appropriate breathing techniques, deeply relaxing techniques, improving the quality of sleep, purifying practices, growing awareness, and learning meditation. Join us to reach your mind, body, and soul’s full potential.

    Finding latent talents and maximizing potential in our students is our major objective. With mindfulness as its central tenet, yoga is an essential tool for fostering awareness in our daily lives. You will notice a great improvement in your mental acuity, inner calm, and tranquility by enrolling in our Yoga practice and training course in Udaipur. Your future yoga sessions will unquestionably become better and more efficient as a result of this transition.

    We have developed a special method that makes studying yoga simple and pleasurable. Your motivation and interest are maintained throughout your trip by our streamlined process. You’ll find it simpler to take in and remember the important yoga lessons and methods with our step-by-step method. Our goal is to maintain the simplicity, stimulation, and elevation of your yoga learning process.

    The primary areas of concentration for India’s yoga teacher training program are as follows:

    • Transformative Travel: As you travel around India, set out on a path of self-discovery, practice, and sharing. 
    • Investigate the Profound Philosophy: Understand age-old teachings of yoga to obtain a greater comprehension of its tenets and guidelines. 
    • Anatomy & Physiology: Expand your understanding of yoga and your practice by learning about the complex processes that occur within the human body. 
    • Holistic Practice: Incorporate a variety of yoga practices, including postures, mantra recitation, pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation methods, and meditation. 
    • Personal Development: Adopt a holistic perspective on life, improve yourself for the better, and promote total well-being. 
    • Acquire the Knowledge: Obtain the information and abilities required to become a certified yoga instructor so that you may assist others in their yoga journeys. 
    • Social Interaction: Communication with like-minded people from across the world, develop friendships abroad, and connect over shared interests to engage in cultural exchange. 
    • Adapting to All Levels: The software adapts to your ability level, whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or experienced practitioner, guaranteeing an inclusive and progressive learning experience.